Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Great Communities for Creative Young People

Image result for komunitas keren jakartaNowadays if you are not included in the community in the town where you grew up. Something was missing from in your life, many things can you get from following a community. The most important thing is the intention that comes from ourselves, not for longer happening or join my friends.

The desire to develop the talent you already have one of the factors to participate in a community. The most important thing was largely a community that can make parents proud. In addition to developing the talent you will also gain new friends who have the same love and hobby.

If you are still confused to follow the various communities that will certainly make your parents proud. Then you have to prepare mentally and intentions about your talent. Convince yourself that can evolve with the talent you already have. To choose a cool community for creative young people like this.

Here's a cool community for creative young people:

BMX bike
It currently has a hobby of cycling can be channeled in a positive activity that BMX bike community. Things that they do indeed sometimes seem dangerous, but if you're already trained then your hobby can be channeled properly. Take a bmx bike community in the area near the residence of you or even you are starting to create the community.

Already from the 1900s skateboarding was in demand by young people as a means of exercise and play. In addition to fun, play skate goes a variety of techniques that required you to learn. If you want to participate in the skateboard community first is you have to have a skate board itself.

If you already have a passion and a hobby at this skateboard then do not hesitate to develop your talent. Because skateboarding is often involved in the race, if you win for sure your parents will be proud.

Community cool for young people is the next creative dance. Currently the dance not only as a work of art, but can be made up as a profession. Already a lot of competition in which about this dance.

If you have a talent in art then develop them early on. As a dancer not work profession shameful. Even if you can develop all the talent you have, you can travel around the world as a dancer.

If you love music and love to sing but do not have a pretty good voice. Calm still many ways you can do one beatbox. Precisely by using beatbox you will look cross-eyed and cool. Although beatbox have trouble for using voice to be music and you do not have to have a good voice.

Already since 2011 skyrunner halted in use in Indonesia precisely 8 people in Samarinda and 3 in Tangerang. At the beginning of 2015 this skyrunner popular among teenagers who can adrenaline. Therefore for beginners should be accompanied by a person skilled in the art.

That's the great communities for creative young people in 2016 to be on you to join a community. No need to fear, the most important is the good relationships will surely make you grow into a better person again. Make your parents proud of the awards that will you achieve by following one of the above communities. Although some communities invite you and your adrenaline goes a supervision of an expert.


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